Fruit of The Earth Organics Santa Fe

Next on our quest of dispensaries, we journey to the spiritually-uplifting Fruit of The Earth Organics, located in Santa Fe, NM. Fruit of The Earth Organics is a family owned, all organic farm, and every piece of cannabis is grown outdoors naturally under the sunshine, fresh air, and with everything that Mother Nature has to offer.

They utilize beneficial micro-organisms, natural fertilization processes, compost teas, and all organic soil, no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Every seed starts early in the year, they’re planted and raised in greenhouses until its warm enough to be transferred outside in smart pots.

The watering system is almost entirely composed of rain water, it’s believed to be the most magical of all waters, which spurts the growth of life on the farm. Additional water comes from an underground well, with nearly perfect PH levels for optimum health, which creates magnificent cannabis trees with high yields from every plant.

Fruit of The Earth Organics Santa Fe inside image

That’s why Fruit of The Earth Organics does one big harvest a year, at that point the flower has months to cure, patients get to enjoy what is called “the champagne cure,” making the plant mature like a fine wine in the process. Medicine here always has a proper cure time, and then some; they’re not seeking a quick turn-around like many indoor growers.

At the heart of this is a mother and son team, Lyra and Jaum. Lyra manages the shop and handles all administrative responsibilities, while Jaum is the resident master grower and farm manager. Together they built their company literally from the ground up. They were both artists and traveling musicians, touring across the country before coming in contact with the cannabis industry. They’ve leveraged their business and are completely independently owned, with no investors to influence their decisions.

There’s no corporate mentality here just quality medication and care for the environment. In fact, Fruit of The Earth Organics are this year’s winners of the highly esteemed 2015 Sustainable Santa Fe Awards for Green Economic Development. The company produced a negligible carbon footprint. As Lyra pointed out to me, this is a critical time for our planet, and we all must do what it takes to minimize energy use and pollution. She spoke further encouraging unity and respect and love for our planet and for one another. Fruit of The Earth Organics believes that medicine grown outdoors working with the elements of nature has a different quality, their plants enjoy the beauty and harmony of nature, out in the world as it was intended.

Indoor cannabis production in the US alone uses as much energy as 20 million households and 30 million cars

Lyra drives an all-electric vehicle which is powered by a solar garage and she informed me she was working on solar power for the farm, which would power the entire facility.

Inside the walls of the dispensary everyone is greeted with open arms and smiles, it’s such a peaceful environment. They offer other forms of relaxation here as well, like for instance you can schedule a “Joy’s Hot Stone Massage” which is a specialty massage where their in-house masseuse, Joy uses smooth heated stones as an extension of her hands to massage you. The heated stones can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles.

They also offer one of New Mexico’s biggest selection of strains, approximately 24 to 30 strains. Prices range from $8 a gram. The top shelf strains start at $11 a gram.

Also available are gluten-free and sugarfree organic edibles, made with every ingredient intended to be healthy for you. They offer classics like chocolate chip cookies and sugar-free organic brownies or maple butter chocolate truffles and the delightful chocolate ganache. Everything is sweetened with honey rather than processed sugar, which we know feeds cancer and inflammation. Always striving to provide you with the best, most natural medicines.

Fruit of The Earth Organics Santa Fe cannabis extracts

The growing popularity of extracts, wax and shatter for instance, has been an uphill climb to this new innovation to medicate, which is causing problems in the way it’s manufactured. Staying true to their code, Fruit of The Earth Organics uses extraction methods in an all organic alcohol process or CO2 extraction to protect your health. Lyra has vowed she never has and never will use butane, all shatter is strain specific.

Another section of the dispensary is the CBD section of the store, were no medical card is needed to purchase these items. CBD vape oil enhanced with delicious flavors of do terra essential oils, four different salve formulas extracted with CBD, and a dozens of other medicinal herbs, which address things like pain from inflammation, such as found in arthritis, among other things. They also have very unique CBD edibles and tinctures. Lyra informed me that incorporating other herbs with cannabis is a potential amplifier for healing and other properties can be unlocked when combining the plants.

Fruit of The Earth Organics Santa Fe cannabis lounge

They are now opening a CBD Cacao bar and serving medicinal teas with CBD and kava. Caco beans replace coffee beans as a healthful stimulant. On the grounds, they use earth friendly packaging with recyclable tins, and bio plastics, there’s also a recycling bin in the vicinity, all of this sets as a reminder, ensuring that we be mindful and take care of our environment. On this stop, we’ve come to learn a sense of peace and wellbeing, and seeing everyone in a place where everything is being cultivated naturally and organically, is simply beautiful. A farm that’s visited by birds, bees, many tall trees, and a sweet fragrance of wild flowers, serenaded by colorful butterflies that flourish with the beauty of the season. This is just a journey and we are all the sums of our life experiences. Here we learned one thing and it’s that natural is the best way to go. Mother Nature wrote the recipe, don’t re-write it.

Be Well. Love One Another. Happy Holidays From Fruit Of The Earth Organics and Kurple Magazine