Marijuana breathalyzers and Impaired Driving

Marijuana breathalyzers and Impaired Driving

In the wake of recreational marijuana use currently implemented by four American states, there’s been a buzz about Cannabis Intoxication and testing for suspected marijuana DUIs. The danger and consequences for marijuana impaired drivers are very real, and have similar ramifications to that of a standard DUI for alcohol. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts when you find yourself in this most compromising position.

REMAIN SILENT: You have the right to remain silent. Use it. It’s human nature to attempt to talk your way out of a situation or simply try to defend yourself and your supposed actions. Just remember, anything you say, “can and will be used against you in a court of law.” It’s not just a cliché; it’s the truth, so mind your tongue when you’ve been stopped. Of course you can be responsive and respectful, just don’t turn in to a storyteller in the spotlight.

ASK FOR A LAWYER: Know your rights. Any time you’re faced with a legal situation, you have the right to legal representation. This is fundamental and it can’t be denied when requested

REFUSE FIELD TESTS: All field sobriety tests are voluntary and are tools for law enforcement to build their cases against you. Politely refuse and remain in your vehicle.

DON’T REFUSE THE BREATH TEST: The Breathalyzer test in the field must be taken and certain states carry out certain punishments per how many times you refuse. Typically, it’s revocation of your license for a year.

ASK FOR INDEPENDENT TEST: The only way to truly measure your THC levels is a blood test. You can ask the officer for an independent blood test, so they can take you to the hospital to draw your blood, and accurately pinpoint what percentage is flowing in your veins. It’s also a good thing to have just in case the breath test is ridiculously off the mark. This is merely for your own protection.

STAY CALM: Anxiety and tension only makes things worse. The best thing to do is to remain at ease and hope for the best. At press time, the marijuana breathalyzer is a mere myth, there is no such device on the market that can accurately and definitively determine if you are in fact, under the supposed influence of marijuana. As mentioned before, the only true technique in concluding such a result is a blood test.

This procedure is costly and timely, but it’s the only way to accurately determine if THC is the actual culprit. The technology used by law enforcement today is referred to as “junk science” and typically their devices measure roughly within a 2 hour span of drivers consuming THC. These tests aren’t concrete and have lengthy room for error, nevertheless, law enforcement is utilizing these new devices in an attempt to combat inebriated drivers of all types.

Cannabix, a Canadian Technology Company, claims to be on the cusp of fully patenting and manufacturing such a device for police officers, business owners and employers. They have made very bold claims, but have yet to deliver the official product, or the real deal, so to speak. Ultimately, we can’t stop what is to come, and we can’t stop thousands of law officials from gearing up to face a new wave of pot-friendly motorists, either. So since we’re in the 21st Century, we look to modern advancements to make our lives easier.

One possible solution to avoid all of this is to support the growth and development of self-driving cars. These miracle machines would eliminate all DUI’s, speeding tickets, intoxicated accidents, and anything else, an over-stimulated person could commit. They’re top of the line design isn’t for flash or show, they’re likened more to personal taxis, equipped with 24/7 audio and video recording capabilities.

They can even be programmed to drive to dispensaries, wait for an employee to place the medication in the vehicle, and drive back to its owner. What a future. Now if it could only fly, The Jetson’s would be proud. All jokes aside, marijuana impaired driving is serious and dangerous and there’s companies working tirelessly to market new tools to fight it. The best way to avoid it, is to let someone else drive and remember one too many of anything, can cost you everything. So stay safe and keep your eyes clear on the road.